Linda Dubbeldeman

Her name is Linda, she was a showgirl….

Linda Dubbeldeman, born in Leiden, was discovered as a fashion model at the age of 17.
For 5 years she worked for (inter)national fashion magazines and eventually became “Playmate” in one of the first editions of Dutch Playboy.
As a result of this reportage, she was asked by a casting agency to audition for Henk Spaan and Harry Vermeegen’s program “Verona.
She was given the role of Brenda Steunbeer and together with Ferry de Groot (as Arie Boksbeugel) she starred in this popular program for a year and toured the country together with great success.
Because of this popularity, Linda was asked for a photo shoot in the Dutch Penthouse.
The New Yorker Bob Guccione, founder and publisher of Penthouse, also placed this reportage in the American edition and thus Linda became the first Dutch person to appear in the American Penthouse.
This was spotted by artist Jeff Koons who made a sculpture of her cover photo.
This, which further includes the sculpture of Michael Jackson with his monkey Bubbles, traveled the world for major exhibitions, including at the stedelijk museum in Amsterdam.

During all these years, Linda also co-owned a company in the music industry and became a proud and happy mom of a fantastic son, Tony junior, who has since made a name for himself as a DJ worldwide.

“They were beautiful and special years, wouldn’t have missed them for anything but time to paint was simply not there….
And then I was asked for the program “Het mooiste meisje van de klas” by Jaap Jongbloed.
Seeing my episode, my life summed up in 50 minutes, made me realize it was time to change course….
I decided to get out of my business and go for my dream: making art!
And so it did……
I intensely enjoy painting in the peace of anonymity.
I’ve seen and experienced a lot, lived an anything but boring and settled life, and it shows in my works.
Bold, bright colors, dynamics, harsh contrasts and mostly inspired by music and show.

La vita e bella, I’m living my dream.”

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