Diederik van Apple

Diederik van Apple was born and raised in 1985 in Leiden, the Netherlands. In his youth, he always visualized the bigger picture. There was no boundary between fantasy and reality. He was addicted to Walt Disney books and such legendary films as The Godfather, Scarface, Pulp Fiction and Boondock Saints. He loved watching, reading and going completely upward into the stories, as if he were tackling part of the play himself.

Van Apple’s art is a combination of digital techniques such as photography and familiar features. The base of the art is aluminum or gold foil, then he adds holograms, colors, glitter, diamonds and other handmade objects. All artwork is finished by hand with several layers of epoxy. By adding these layers, he is able to create innovative and unique mixed-media art with a fantastic 3D effect.

Works of art for sale