Peter the Creator

Peter the Creator is a pioneer in the world of 3D printed art.
Born and raised in Friesland, he began his career far from the
artistic world in the medical industry. In his search for a
more satisfying and creative challenge, Peter encountered the emerging
technology of 3D printing. He realized that this technology,
which he originally used to create detailed
anatomical models, had the potential to become a powerful artistic
medium. Today, Peter the Creator continues his
create groundbreaking works of art that are a perfect blend of his
love of technology and his need for creative expression. By
connecting the technical world with the artistic, he continues to maintain his
inspire audiences and push the conventional boundaries of art and design

Peter the Creator makes his debut in the art world with his first
project called “Peter the Creator Apes.” This collection, which is deeply
rooted in the trend of anthropomorphism, draws inspiration from the
Bored Ape NFTs – digital artwork. With a touch of humor and
originality, Peter transforms these digital beings into tangible
sculptures, a tangible echo of the digital art world.
The “Peter the Creator Apes” project consists of 100 unique 3D printed
images, each with a human-animal interplay. On a monthly basis, Peter introduces
a new design, limited to ten copies, that offers exclusivity and
guarantee continuous innovation. The uniqueness of this series
does not, however, come only from the models themselves. As part of
his personal challenge, Peter devotes himself to uniquely finishing
of each sculpture, requiring him to continuously experiment and create new
finishing techniques must be learned. Through these tangible creations, Peter adds
adds an intriguing chapter to the dialogue between technology, art,
and our human need to see ourselves in the world around us.

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