Milan the Artist

MilanTheArtist (b. 1994) is a well-known professional multidisciplinary artist based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. With several major solo exhibitions to his name, he is considered one of the most innovative and transformative young artists in the Netherlands of our time. Recently, he also entered the international art scene and exhibited his work in New York, Amsterdam and Dubai. With a few professional artists in his family, inspiration has always been close at hand. After completing his Masters in Geriatrics, however, the sprightly artist focused entirely on art. His commitment to charities such as elder care, The Disabled Sports Fund and the Elephant Parade add an extra dimension to his artistry.


After multiple broadcasts on Dutch national television in 2019, MilanTheArtist experienced his personal breakthrough as a professional artist. He also signed an exclusive contract with the record company Actuation Music, for which he designs all the singles and album covers. MilanTheArtist is known for his unique multidisciplinary style combining the use of palette knives, spray paint, lace stencils and other fabrics. This rare combination gives his art a distinctive and energetic 3D atmosphere.


Recently, several media outlets have praised MilanTheArtist for his contribution to the international contemporary art scene and consider him a promising artistic talent. In recent years, his commitment to the art scene has been rewarded with collaborations from several major companies such as art brand Amsterdam All Acrylics by Royal Talens. In 2020, at age 26, they planned his first master class for Royal Talens. Due to the transition in the art world, MilanTheArtist entered the NFT world with an exclusive collaboration with Authic Labs. The groundbreaking Authic Suite marketplace makes it possible to collect digital artwork using fiat payments (credit card, Apple Pay and iDEAL).

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