Loes van Delft

Loes van Delft’s paintings combine an innocent quirkiness with a cheeky cartoon feel. Blurring the lines between fine brushstrokes and commercialism, the characters are endearing, charming and amazingly vivid. Over the years, Loes has developed her very recognizable character that she calls “Pjipje. The young award-winning artist is taking the art world by storm!

Her paintings have been featured in various exhibitions around the world. She is represented by GO Gallery at Prinsengracht 64, Amsterdam; at Art Style Living Gallery, Knokke, Belgium; and 3 Punts Galeria in Barcelona, where she recently exhibited alongside Banksy, Mr. Banksy, and Mr. Banksy. Brainwash, Blek Le Rat, D * Face and many others.

In 2019, she was the first ambassador artist of the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam.

Works of art for sale