Joost de Jonge

For Joost de Jonge (Utrecht, 1975), a childhood dream came true. From the age of three he had done nothing but paint, but at seven he knew for sure: he had to and would become an artist! He graduated from HKU Free Painting, cum laude . Since then, he has achieved many successes with his paintings and exhibited them around the world. Many a work found its way into important corporate and private collections, in Atlanta, LA, New York City, Turin, Utrecht (Centraal Museum) Geneva, Vienna and Madrid. In 2019, he presented one of his works on behalf of the Dutch delegation of the St. Georgs-Orden, to the Austrian Archduke Karl von Habsburg, from whom he received the knighthood as recently as 2018. This is entirely consistent with the path he is now on, a path of critical success and personal growth.
“When you look at a painting by Joost, and then at a whole series of his paintings, you don’t think of influences and echoes at all. When you experience his work, just the opposite happens: you feel a fundamental power, an elemental directness.”
From: “The recent work of painter Joost de Jonge” by Robert Morgan (USA Novelist/Cornell University professor/writer of New York Times Best seller: Gap Creek)

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